Building Signage

I can help you with signs to identify the organisation and attract business. Being a sign fabricator, I can custom make pylon signs, illuminated signs, wall signs, car park signs, garden signs, and so on.


I can produce functional and appealing signage for sites such as:

  1. Warehouse signage

  2. Factory signage

    Identifying sites is something I can help with, as well as directional signage. Help direct people to office/administration areas while portraying a professional image.

  3. Workshop signage
    If you have a workshop, an Alucobond sign may work well on the wall, or if you have a busy roadside frontage, a light box sign will work for you day or night, or a freestanding sign out the front. 
  4. Shopping Centre Signage
    I can help you with effective signage options for a block of corner shops or a shopping centre. As a fabricator, I can manufacture pylon signs, which can feature illuminated sign boxes or simple metal face panels for each tenant. Or, standard-sized light box signs for parapet walls or fascias. They’re made from aluminium for longevity.

One of my specialty areas is manufacturing illuminated light box signs. I use aluminium, 2 pack painted, with fluorescent or LED lighting.

Another area of expertise is manufacturing aluminium signs from ‘Dibond’ or ‘ACP’ (aluminium composite panel). Dibond signage is lightweight, rigid and has a high quality finish, and I can fold it neatly around freestanding sign frames to form totem or blade signage, or fascia signage.